Conference room's renting

Enclos Rey is made up of 6 adjustable rooms. It allows to receive until 200 people for some actvities (training course, seminary, meeting ... )

Amérique room(s)

The Amérique space is a very large room separated in 3 parts by 2 soundproof partitions. It's perfect for numerous groups but aslo for those who wish to adjust it for little groups. Every windows gice onto the garden (facing south) where it has a direct entrance (Amérique du Nord).


Afrique room

Afrique is a simple and confortable room, for approximatly 35th people in meeting.

Océanie room(s)

The Océanie space, is a large room separtaed in 2 parts by a soudproof partition. It perfect for medium  groups but also for those who whish to adjust it for little groups.